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About The Techie and The Cowboy Podcast

Just Two Guys on a Mission...

Hi, this is Alastair Hunte, aka “The Techie”, together with T.W. Lawrence, aka “The Cowboy”. We’re just a couple of average guys on a journey to explore faith and the Spirit. Both of us seem to have that knack for striking up conversations with other men about Christian beliefs. Through these conversations, we came to see the need for a place to discuss faith-based topics related to all the things that we face such as: things that challenge, things that empower, and most of all things that just confuse us. However, we wanted to talk about them in a thoughtful, non-threatening way. Hence, we created The Techie And The Cowboy podcast.
We invite you to join us on each podcast as we explore our own stories, and bring to light those stories shared with us by others on similar journeys.

Since T.W. and I both realize we’re far from perfect, you’ll get to walk with us in a non-judgmental way. We can sure use your help — and maybe you could use a little of ours. How can you help? Well, first be sure to subscribe on your favorite platform so that you can stay in touch and be the 1st to learn when we launch new episodes. Second, interact with us on Facebook, IG & Twitter and let us know what you think about each episode. We’d love to hear from you!

What do we hope to accomplish? We are hoping to create a spot where you can come and get fed by the Spirit, and then feel inspired to go and help spread the Word.

Let’s do it together.

Meet the Techie

Alastair Hunte

Meet the Cowboy

T.W. Lawrence

About the Techie

Alastair Hunte

Alastair Hunte’s primary purpose & mission in life is to create the largest positive impact as possible on those that he encounters. This is what FIRES him up! If he can leave each person that he interacts with just a little bit happier or a tiny bit better – this contributes to the legacy that he would like to leave on this earth.

On the business side Alastair is an Inspirational Speaker, Branding Guru, and Web Development & Print Marketing Strategist. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Office Systems and Master of Business Administration in E-Business. After over 15 years of running a graphics and web development firm that designed award winning sites, Alastair decided to create a consulting & strategy company called Alastair Hunte Consulting. Using his massive amount of experience in the field, he now serves as a web & print strategist that helps businesses to develop their brand, avoid making the mistake of investing in the incorrect technologies and avoid hiring the wrong development firm.

Alastair and his wife, Wendy, are also Health & Wellness Coaches with Herbalife and have a business named Nutrition Avenue. Alastair also serves as a Stephen Leader and is a member of the AV Staff at Custer Road United Methodist Church. Find out more about Alastair at www.alastairhunte.com.

About the Cowboy

T.W. Lawrence

T.W. Lawrence is a native Texan. Born at the edge of the Hill Country near San Antonio, his father was a successful veterinarian and his mother taught in the nearby junior high school.

Words (their meanings and origins) were always a topic of family conversation as T.W. grew up. Writing was a natural offshoot of his active imagination and capacity for poetic observations.

T.W. holds degrees from Centre College (BA), Emory University (MBA), and Kennesaw State University (MAPW). During his career T.W. worked as a financial analyst, an auditor, a controller, and a CFO. He is a CPA in Georgia. In 2000, Lawrence established an accounting and consulting practice. He also serves as a Stephen Leader and Outpost Leader of H.E.R.O.S. Care at  Johnson Ferry Baptist Church.

Luckenbach Press published his first anthology titled “Take Me To Texas”, as well as his trilogy titled “The Trail Ends In Texas.” All of these works are available in print and as audiobooks at https://dustyandthecowboy.com.

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